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Set high on Sicily's Monte Tauro, Taormina boasts a picturesque natural beauty and commanding breathtaking views over two rugged bays below.  It is widely considered to be the most beautiful town in Sicily with its semi-tropical palms, bougainvillea and orange trees.

Taormina has captured the imagination of great travellers and writers for many decades. D.H. Lawrence wrote many novels based on his experiences in this picturesque town and wrote his famous tale of lust, Lady Chatterley's Lover, here. Visitors flock from around the world to enjoy Taormina's glorious sunshine, beautiful views and charming town centre. Its hillside location means it has coastal views to rival the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, with vistas stretching across to Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano. Most notable of Taormina's highlights is the Teatro Greco, a horseshoe-shaped theatre.


The Teatro Greco was built in the 3rd century BC and is suspended between the sea and sky, making it one of the most dramatically situated Greek theatres in the world.Stroll the Corso Umberto, Taormina's lively main street, which is lined with a variety of shops and bars, or sit and watch the world go by in the Piazza del Duomo, with its Baroque fountain and Church of San Nicola. Sicily's staple dish is the much-loved pasta, from pasta con le sarde to spaghetti alla norma. These dishes are made up of traditional Sicilian specialities, all grown locally. Mount Etna's mineral-rich volcanic soil produces prickly pears, pistachios, almonds, wild fennel and red chillies, while the Bay of Naxos serves the finest bass, swordfish, lobster, sardines, shrimp and anchovies.  In fact, you're unlikely to come across a chef in Taormina that doesn't brag about their access to the freshest and most vibrant ingredients.