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The new but highly regarded wine estate Chiuse del Signore, sits grandly on a charming hilltop at 550 metres above the sea level, in the small town of Linguaglossa, in the Etna Natural Park.

Producing first-rate wines and olive oils, this viticultural family-owned farm, dating back to the 20th century, is part of the Gais Hotels Group in Taormina. The Group’s coat of arms, representing a rampant female centaur symbol of the city of Taormina and a couple of golden eagles, from the town blazon of Linguaglossa, virtually features the strong and ancient family bond with both towns. The serendipity of 60 hectares of lazy vineyard-hopping drives, covering the fertile volcano lower slopes, is heightened by the region’s postcard-perfect sicilian landscape.

In the Chiuse del Signore Estate, the road zigzags and moseys along fruit trees, a chestnut grove and a great variety of rose bushes, lying around the ancient family castle " Villa Nicolosi", at 550 metres above sea level, in the idyllic countryside setting of lush vineyard-covered slopes of the Etna foothills.

That's where the Estate wines are born, from vineyards planted on the north oriented Etna mountain, on rich soils resulting from old volcanic eruptions, that show up their fine qualities. An oasis measuring about 150 acres, where the Volcano oversees the Alcantara river valley and the golden beaches of Taormina.