Our Wines

Sergio De Luca who manages the property, has began from the old Nerello alberello or bush pruned vines, ageing to the mid twentieth century, in order to reach a full thirty hectares vineyard, planting various native vines and new clonal selections. Infact, the grapes grown are the product of both the older vines and the more recent replanted vineyards that in harmony lie on Etna’s unique and fertile “terroir” on the north-eastern slopes of the volcano.


Within the heart of the Etna DOC Appellation, the favourable peculiarity of the volcanic soil, the particular microclimate, the cultivation of the indigenous Etna grapes together with a low yield per hectare produce grapes of excellent quality.Decisive factor is the method of cultivation, rigorously organic. The result is a more intensely aromatic grape as well as a total respect for health and environment.


Temperature control, during both fermentation and refinement is a decisive factor in obtaining a high quality product, protecting the wine’s integrity from the adverse effects of the hot sicilian climate. After the harvest, made with the typical joy of the local farmworkers, the grapes are crushed and allowed to ferment. Red wine is made from the pulp of red or black grapes that undergo fermentation together with the grape skins by our skilled workers.


During this primary fermentation, which often takes between one and two weeks, yeast converts most of the sugars in the grape juice into alcohol. After the primary fermentation, the liquid is transferred to vessels for the secondary fermentation. Here, the remaining sugars are slowly converted into alcohol and the wine becomes clear.




Etna Bianco DOP
Etna Rosso DOP